New Job - Vivid Brand

I have been around working on different things, trying to decide where I should hang my hat up and finally i have taken on full time job at Vivid Brand.


Current things

It's been awhile since I posted anything. I have been very busy with different things including finding a job. As most graduates know the world is a scary place and also we are all doomed. There is hope for use yet as I am currently freelancing at Precedent communications and am in talks with a company called Vivid Brands. For the mean time take a look at some current rough concept ideas for a brand I am working on for Dental Music Group.


Keeping up with the times

It's always good to have a look back at old work and in an effort to expand my portfolio, I decided to freshen up some work that I did whilst on placement at Precedent Communication by incorporating the new IPad as a graphic device.