New Job - Vivid Brand

I have been around working on different things, trying to decide where I should hang my hat up and finally i have taken on full time job at Vivid Brand.


Current things

It's been awhile since I posted anything. I have been very busy with different things including finding a job. As most graduates know the world is a scary place and also we are all doomed. There is hope for use yet as I am currently freelancing at Precedent communications and am in talks with a company called Vivid Brands. For the mean time take a look at some current rough concept ideas for a brand I am working on for Dental Music Group.


Keeping up with the times

It's always good to have a look back at old work and in an effort to expand my portfolio, I decided to freshen up some work that I did whilst on placement at Precedent Communication by incorporating the new IPad as a graphic device.


Enjoying Type

With all the stress of trying to find work and being in the middle of moving I decided to put a little time aside to enjoy designing. I started just messing around with some doodles I found in my sketchpad and produced this. There is no purpose for this really but to just enjoy the process of design and remember what I'm doing all this for.


Portfolio delevopment

I have been currently taking my portfolio around to anyone that wants to see it and have been getting some great feed back on how I could develop it further. Many people felt that some of my projects could be made to look like more then just a University project even if they are not. I have developed my 'OneDotZero Adventures in Motion' poster with some simple Photoshopping to give you an idea of how the poster could be taken further.



Studio Culture by Spin

I have decided to blog about a book, not any book but a book that has pulled me out of my despair for the current job market for a graduate graphic designer. I was just starting to convince myself that a job in Mc Donald’s wouldn't be so bad when this little gem “Studio Culture” comes through the door. By just reading the little chuck of text on the back I felt like I should keep going with the job hunt. You have probably heard of it but I just wanted to bring it up. Check it out http://www.uniteditions.com/


Degree Show

I haven't managed to get around to posting for a while and have forgotten to tell you all how my degree show went. It was really good to see the amount of people there on the industry night and also on the public days. I would like to thank everyone that managed to come see the event.


Middlesex Degree Show Poster

Here's my poster submitted for the end of year degree show. Just waiting for the decision if it will be chosen to be used.


Winning the Precedent Communications scholarship

I would just like to thank Precedent Communications for choosing me to receive a £3000 pound scholarship it will help more then they know, not only has it helped me with finanes but helped give me confidence within my work. Here is a picture from the event.